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  • You can start your search of the database by simply entering a surname.
  • You can select to view ALL of the same surnames held in the database.
  • Can help find a grave location.
  • Memorial photographs are the number one resource for genealogy research.
  • Many records will contain information not found elsewhere.
  • Records may contain relationship status which can resolve a dead end in you research.
  • Many records will include key dates like Birth, Death and Marriage.
  • Extra features include Census Records, Workhouse Records and Armed Forces.
  • Over 90,000 records.
  • Many photographs of graves and memorials.
  • Cemetery maps showing grave locations.
  • Other occupants in the same grave.
  • Member only content
  • and much, much more.

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Thomas George was born 4 September 1860 at Sandon Street, Liverpool. He was the son of John Williams and Eleanor; whose maiden name was also Williams. Both parents were born in North Wales. They were […]


WILLIAM TURNER 1837 – 1879 Architect

As the name Haighton runs through the Turner family then it`s almost certain that this is William`s father. Baptism on 23 Aug 1811 at Brackley, Northamptonshire. Richard Haighton Turner, parents Edward & Mary. Richard made […]

War Memorials

Hanmer War Memorial

Hanmer War Memorial commemorates those men from the area who were killed in conflict throughout the world. The war memorial was designed by Gilbert Scott and stands in St. Chad’s Parish Church yard. Also there […]


William WHITAKER 1838-1922

ANNIE WHITAKER 1844 – 1921 WILLIAM WHITAKER 1838 – 1922 ANNIE JOHNSON was born in Scotland about 1844, her father William was from Rowley, Staffordshire, her mother Anne was from Ellesmere, Shropshire. By 1851 the […]